Irrigation & Water Management

With effective water management it is easy to GO GREEN and keep extra money in your pocket. PRO Land | Snow can manage your system from installation and start up to winterization.

Honest & Transparent

Our organization is built on a foundation of integrity and transparency, with a strong commitment to our clients' best interests. We diligently follow through on our promises until our clients are completely satisfied.

Passion & Pride

We take pride in our work, delivering exceptional quality that matches your unique needs and preferences. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we're not content until you're thrilled with your property.

Ultimate Satisfaction

Our culture drives the success of each of our associates. Our culture drives the success of our company which ultimately gives us the unique ability to provide our clients with ultimate satisfaction.

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Grand Forks Start Up Sprinkler Landscaping and Lawn Care Services | PRO Land | Snow | Grand Forks, MN

Start-Up and Shut-Down

A properly maintained system should last you several decades. Our irrigation repair services cover a wide range of options. We cover basic repairs, faulty systems, missing sprinkler heads, winterizations, and much more, we do it all. Our crews are trained in multiple operating systems and keep up on all the latest technologies. We currently manage both large and small lawn irrigation systems by various manufacturers. You can be confident that we are knowledgeable in successfully diagnosing and repairing any system on the market today!

Irrigation Installation

When winter’s chill fades and it’s time to restart your lawn sprinkler system, doing so recklessly can cause significant damage, from burst pipes to broken sprinkler heads, leading to costly repairs. For a smooth and safe transition into spring, trust PRO Land | Snow, the best local experts for efficient and affordable system startups/shut down. Avoid the risks and ensure your system is ready for the blooming season with our experienced team.

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Minnesota sprinkler repair Landscaping and Lawn Care Services | PRO Land | Snow | Grand Forks, MN

Irrigation Service and Repair

Enhance your property’s seasonal charm and ensure a welcoming environment for guests, tenants, and employees with our specialized Spring and Fall cleanup services. Whether it’s rejuvenating your landscape after the winter chill or preparing it for the colder months ahead, our team of landscaping professionals is dedicated to identifying and implementing the best seasonal strategies. We focus on elevating the aesthetic and functional value of your property during these critical transitional periods. Our experts will revitalize your outdoor space in the spring, clearing away winter debris and introducing vibrant, season-appropriate plantings.